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News Flash!-Jan 2017- Olympic to close.

Update March 2018- still receiving parts and limited run rifles. Undisclosed buyer attempting to purchase company.

Which AR???

We get asked all the time "What AR should I buy?" While we will sell/order the customer whatever he/she wants, our first recommendation is always Olympic Arms. There are some big name companies that started making AR type rifles in response to the AR15's current popularity but we believe you are paying more for a "NAME" and are not getting a better product. These big name companies have a long history of building weapons but are new to the AR platform. They usually out source their manufacturing and simply slap on their "NAME". In our experience Olympic AR rifles are generally more accurate than other makers comparable models. We think this has to do with Olympic's in house manufacture of barrels and superb quality control due to their making all the major parts. As an example the K16 in its plain factory form will out shoot most of the individually customized AR rifles out there. Many AR enthusiasts upgrade their rifles with all manner of after market products but most of these add ons will not make the rifle shoot better. No matter how you dress it up if you start with an inferior barrel you still have an inferior barrel when all the bells and whistles are added. This is not to say that you can't build an AR more accurate than the K16 but we believe you will spend significantly more to do so. If your going to spend that much money, then you might as well get the Olympic Ultra Match and take accuracy to a whole new level!!! Good Shootin'

Chief Corpus

As one of America’s premier firearms manufacturers, Olympic Arms is a true manufacturer and not just another brand name, we make every major component for the AR15 in house on our machines. ALL Olympic Arms products are 100% Engineered, Manufactured, and Assembled in the USA. Even our pins, screws, springs and polymer parts are all sourced from US manufacturers, most of them local to the Pacific Northwest.

Olympic Arms is the oldest continuous manufacturer of civilian AR15 style rifles in America. We are TRUE manufacturers, and produce 100% US made rifles with no imported parts. We have been in business under the same ownership, at the same location for nearly 35 years. No other AR brand name can make such a claim. Olympic has been an OEM manufacturer for most well known AR15 brand names along the way, and has built a reputation on building the most accurate production AR15 available.

Since 1975 we have been the only true manufacturer of AR-15 products. Every major component is made by Olympic Arms at our facilities. Our facilities include several buildings that house our machine shops, coating/finishing shops along with our warehouse/assembly/office areas.

We are located in Washington state near Ft Lewis and McChord Air Force Base.

Olympic Arms, Inc.

624 Old Pacific Hwy SE

Olympia, WA 98513

Olympic Arms, Inc. Lifetime Warranty

Version 1.0, Last Modified Sept. 28, 2006

Our goal at Olympic Arms, Inc. ("OAI", "we" and "us") is to lead the industry in customer service and satisfaction. For this reason, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive factory warranty of its kind by any AR-15 manufacturer. See Olympic Arms website for full details:


Olympic Arms, Inc. Satisfaction Guarantee

Version 1.0, Last Updated Sept. 28, 2006

Beyond warranty, Olympic Arms, Inc. ("OAI", "we" and "us") guarantees complete customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with the purchase of any OAI product based on any product or warranty related reason, simply return it to us within sixty (60) days along with a copy of the original invoice and we will replace the item, or credit or refund the original purchase price (to be decided by OAI). See Olympic Arms website for full details.