OLYMPIC ARMS 1911 Pistols

Their 1911's are no longer catalog items but they made a few pistols from the remaining inventory of parts. These are some of the last ones ever. As you know, Olympic Arms dropped the Safari Arms name back in 2006, but kept manufacturing 1911’s until 2014 when all 1911 manufacturing came to a halt due to the unexpected passing of Head Pistol Smith Richard Niemer. These are no longer produced and it is unknown at this time if they will ever be produced again.(UPDATE:July 2017 Olympic Arms announced that there are potential buyers for the company). My contact at Olympic believes that the AR shop will continue but that the 1911 pistol shop will probably never reopen. These Pistols compare in quality to custom pistols costing 2-3 times more. They shoot very accurately, something you get by chance by the mass produced 1911 pistols offered by the big custom names.