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Custom Built AR-15 Rifles

In keeping with our motto "Made in USA FIRST" we use 100% American made mil-spec parts. Do not be fooled by low priced rifles that use inferior imported parts. Parts for these rifles are sourced from Brownells, Aero Precision, Olympic Arms and other US producers. I guarantee 100% USA made parts!

These AR-15 rifles are built in house (unless otherwise noted) from 100% American made parts. Some Assembled uppers and lowers are sold individually allowing further customization by the customer. In state local sales of complete rifles or assembled lowers requires normal paperwork and background check. Out of state sales of complete rifles or assembled lowers requires shipment to your local FFL dealer (contact us for details). Assembled uppers can be shipped directly to the customer.

**SOLD OUT**Stock No. RC-1-2019. $890

  • Aero Precision Lower
  • Brownells Upper Receiver
  • 16" Olympic Arms XM177 commando barrel
  • Magpul grey MOE furniture

Stock No. RC-2-2019. $800

  • DPMS Lower
  • Brownells Upper Receiver
  • 16" Brownells M4 barrel
  • Brownells KeyMod free float handguard

Stock No. RC-3-2019. $950

  • Caliber: 7.62 x 39
  • Spikes Tactical Lower
  • Olympic Arms Factory assembled K16SST upper
  • 16" SS threaded bull barrel w/ cap
  • FIRSH free float quad rail handguard

Stock No. RC-01-2020. $1195

  • Aero Precision M4E1 lower
  • 16" SS Moriarti, 223 Wylde, fluted, 1:9
  • 15" Midwest Industries M-Lok handguard
  • CMC 3.5 lbs trigger
  • Magpul MOE SL pistol-grip
  • Lakota Ops BCG
  • Punisher charging handle
  • CMMG buffer tube assembly
  • Moriarti 3 port muzzle break
  • YHM low profile gas block
  • Lakota Ops adjustable stock

Stock No. RL-1-2019. $370

  • Aero Precision Lower
  • Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock 
  • Brownells Trigger Group
  • Aero Precision lower parts

Stock No. RL-2-2019. $300

  • Tactical Machining Lower
  • Brownells GI Collapsible Stock  
  • Brownells Trigger Group
  • Brownells  lower parts

Stock No. RL-01-2020. $365

  • Aero Precision Lower
  • Adaptive Tactical Adjustable Stock  
  • Brownells Trigger Group
  • BCM buffer tube assembly

Stock No. RU-1-2019. $665

  • Aero Precision Flag Upper
  • 16" Olympic Arms Fluted Barrel  
  • 12" KeyMod free float handguard
  • Aero Precision Low Profile Gas Block
  • CMC SS black nitride gas tube