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Burris Scopes

It is with much sadness and regret that I report that Burris Optics are no longer made in the USA. While at the 2014 Shot show I was looking at the new 34mm XTR line of scopes and noticed that there was no "MADE IN USA" on the scopes. I asked about this and it was confirmed by a Burris employee that there were no Burris scopes made in the USA anymore. The Signature and XTR lines were the last of their American Made scopes. We will no longer recommend these scopes based on this fact. We will still get them for our customers who want them but they will not be a stock item. With this turn of events that leaves Leupold as the lone US scope manufacture of standard hunting optics. There is also Night Force and US optics but these are priced well beyond the reach of our everyday customers.

Chief Corpus